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Hey! My friend Dee wrote this. You should read it:

Deenie by Judy Blume is a phenomenal book that I just devoured and loved every second of it. Deenie is about a beautiful girl that evryone says should be a model. She has long lucious brown hair and a georgeous face, but is dealing with a huge predicament: a horrible case of scoliosis. Now, Deenie has to wear a Milwaukee brace for 4 years! Will she ever become a model? Will her life ever be the same? Read this miraculous book that is worth 5 points for AR. I highly recommend this book for girls.

By Dee Temples


17 Again

17 Again is one of my favorite movies. Zac Efron stars in this movie.
in 1978, Mike O’donnell was the basketball star in his school, and he was offered a scholarship, but he turned it down because of his true love. They got married, and from 1978 to present time, he regretted that he turned down the scholarship. His wife got mad and she wants to have a divorce and Mike got sad. He went to his daughter’s and son’s school to look at a picture of him when he was in high school and the janitor asked him if he would like to go back in time to get the scholarship. Mike said, ” You bet I do.” So when he was driving home he was sucked in a hole thingie. and he turned 17 AGAIN. Will he be able to get a scholarship but get divorced, or will he forget the scholarship and save his relationship? This movie has comedy and romance, I love this movie!!

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You should read The Series of Unfortunate Events, by Lemony Snicket. It is a book about 3 orphans named Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire that get placed in the care of Count Olaf, an evil villain that tries to steal their huge fortune that their parents left behind. There house got burned in a terrible fire that killed their parents, too. will they survive the clutches of Count Olaf and figure out the mystery to the Baudelaire fire?